There are many great on land casinos to be enjoyed across Ontario Canada, but one that has gained a great reputation is the Falls View Casino Resort. As one would expect by the name there is plenty of casino action to be enjoyed, but there is also much more.

Casino Entertainment

In most cases the majority of people go to the Falls View Casino resort to enjoy the gaming activity. This is a collection of gambling opportunities like slots, table games, poker and tournaments. For slot lovers there are over 3,000 slot games to choose from that are comprised of all levels of betting ranges from one penny up to a hundred dollars. The table games are different types of poker games as well as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette to name a few. In total there are 300+ tables to play at the Falls View Casino Resort.

Falls View Casino Resort Entertainment

When you want a break from the casino activities this won’t be a problem as there is a complete entertainment roster that this casino resort has to offer. The theatre here boasts of 1,500 seats and within one year there are over 250 shows slotted to provide the ultimate in entertainment.

The resort sector of the Falls View Casino resort is every bit as impressive as the Casino and entertainment segments of this Casino. The resort is comprised of the hotel with an exquisite spa.

Then for the shopping enthusiasts there are many fine stores with some great selections to please the visitors here. Not far from the casino one can enjoy the falls itself and explore the Niagara region. There is plenty of golf in the vicinity and of course Niagara is known as wine country so a trip to a few wineries is something that many find most enjoyable.