The Blue Heron Casino is located in Port Perry Ontario Canada and more precisely on Scugog Island. This is a joint Aboriginal Casino in conjunction with the OLG.

When you first pull into the parking lot of the Blue Heron Casino you will be most impressed with the art work that depicts the Indian culture. Then after enjoying this be prepared to enter the doors of the Casino where you are immediately going to be caught up in the fun and excitement that this casino has to offer. Your first offering is going to be the many table games that are in full play here.

There are about 60 of these that are ready to create the fun and excitement that you would expect from this type of setting. There are many selections of different types of poker. For those who want to play blackjack you won’t be disappointed with the choices that are available here at the Blue Heron Casino.

If table games are not of interest to you at the moment then keep on walking past them to enter into the Blue Heron Casino slot section. You are immediately going to be drawn into the action because of the bells and whistles that seem to be constantly going off at this casino. There are slot games available to please all levels of bettors.

When you have worked up an appetite then you won’t have to leave the Blue Heron Casino premises as there is an excellent restaurant here that will give you the option of a buffet meal or your choice of many fine foods on the menu.

The Blue Heron is sometimes called the Great Blue Heron Casino, or the Blue Heron Charity Casino. No matter what name you come to know it by, you are going to truly remember your wonderful experience here for a very long time to come.