For those that are interested in Roulette one of the most important things they want to know is what is the roulette payout? This is one of the oldest types games that is offered at the majority of casinos both on land and online. It is also one of the most popular because it is so easy to play and the roulette payout can be very lucrative.

Something that has to be considered when looking at a roulette payout is that there are three versions of this game. There is the American, French and European forms of Roulette. What you need to consider is the odds, payouts and house edge.

Roulette American Style

This version of Roulette has a higher house edge compared to the other versions. The odds and the payouts tend to be lower.

Roulette European Style

When you are looking at the Roulette payout when you are playing the European version you will be happy to know that the odds of winning are better with this version. This is because you don’t have the double zero on the wheel to contend with.

Roulette French Style

If what you can win is going to be the main objective of your game play then you may want to choose the French style. You will find that the house edge is half of that compared to the European version.

In order to really understand the Roulette payout you need to have some idea of what the basics of the game are about. The simplicity of the game only allows for two types of bets which are the inside and outside bets. If the game appears to be complicated at all it will only comes with the type of bets that you can place within these two main categories.

What it comes down is like any other Casino game, Roulette is a game of chance but one that could afford you a substantial Roulette payout if luck is on your side.